The SAM|** Fund is managed by Techno-Impuls foundation.

Companies and institutes are encouraged in donating to SAM|** Fund and thus promote student and startup innovation(strength).

The purpose of the fund is to provide access to the facilities and knowledge of SAM|XL for student and Startup projects.

1. For Students & Startups:

  • To make Innovative projects financially possible through:
    • the organisation of student / start-up competitions by SAM|XL, in which one or more winning projects will be supported;
    • proposal submission by students (from SAM|XL-partner education institutes) and startups for an innovative project at SAM|XL;
  • The pay-per-use equipment from SAM | XL will be settled with the fund at ‘gold bundle’ rates;
  • Companies can formulate assignments for Student projects (whether or not via regular TU Delft Student Projects or HBOs in the region), where assignments are carried out in collaboration with and (partly) take place at SAM|XL. The required use of equipment and expertise from SAM|XL is paid for 50% by fund and 50% by the client (company);
  • Students and Startups can submit requests for reimbursement from the fund for taking courses at SAM|XL.

2. For the sponsors of the fund

  • Companies that donate (at least) € 5,000 per year to the fund become Star partner of SAM|XL;
  • A Star partner may announce to third parties that it is a member of the SAM|** program;
  • Star partners receive info emails and receive invitations to events;
  • Star partners are allowed to attend the Participants Council meetings as observers;
  • SAM|XL puts the Star partner’s company logo on the SAM | XL website (;
  • The joining of a new Star partner will be communicated by SAM|XL via LinkedIn;
  • The Star partner’s company logo will be displayed at the SAM|XL facility;
  • SAM|XL organizes once a year an exclusive scientific lecture, free of charge, combined with a dinner and networking drink for its Star partners and Technology partners.