Visit from Belgium delegation to SAM|XL (Agoria, Asco Atlas Copco, Com&Sens, Deceuninck, Desotec, Econcore, e-Xstream, Fanuc, Fixar, Hexagon, Huntsman, J’DC Innovation, KU Leuven, Kuka, L&D Jettechniek, Moss Composites, MSC Software, Rein4ced, SIM, Synthesites, Vandewiele and Sirris.
This visit will undoubtedly lead to further Dutch-Belgian cooperation.


SAM|XL hosts the BKS BBQ It was an honour to host the annual BBQ of the BedrijvenKringSchieovers (BKS). Great to see the public and private sector share ideas and laughter over excellent food from our local traiteur Zuppanini and the finest brews from our oldest city brewery De Koperen Kat. Glad we could show you a glimpse of our future via a marvellous VR demonstration provided by TU Delft’s own VR Zone.


Inspiring visit of the Delft Mayor Marja van Bijsterveldt, City Council Members and the TU Delft Executive Board visit SAM|XL to discuss innovation, education and regional collaboration.


EBZ visits SAM|XL The Economic Board ZuidHolland visited three high-impact initiatives in Delft: the Yes!Delft start-up community, the QuTech quantum technology lab and our own SAM|XL. We thank Linco Nieuwenhuyzen, Martin Van Gogh, Hans Winters, Dave van der Heyde, Jac. Gofers, Peter Goedvolk, Karel Luyben, Saskia Bruines, Henri Lenferink, Wouter Kolff – Bgm. Dordrecht, Pierre Heijnen, Rinke Zonneveld, Wolter Leiseboer, and Marieke Wolthuis for their visit, enthusiasm and encouragements.


The SAM|XL Fanuc and ABB robots have been shipped from TU Delft ‘Vliegtuighal’ and installed at the new facility.



SAM | XL has been awarded a grant from Provincie Zuid Holland (the Province of South Holland) for a maximum of € 200,000 for the purpose of strengthening the research infrastructure for SMEs and visibility in a SAM|KB Square. On the picture on the right: Kjelt van Rijskijk (SAM|XL), Erik Ham (DOC), Adri Bom (gedeputeerde provincie Zuid Holland), Nicoly Vermeulen (CvB TU Delft), and Bas Vollebregt (wethouder Gemeente Delft) at the symbolic handing over of the check. The grant is part of a total of € 750,000 available for new development projects on the TU Delft Campusread more


SAM|XL delivers its first engineer We are pleased to announce that Joren van der Horst successfully completed his master thesis titled “The Impact of Robot Arm Accuracy”. In front of family, colleagues and friends, Joren received his degree from Prof Clemens Dransfeld who heads up Aerospace Manufacturing Technologies. We are very proud of the fact that he is the first TU Delft student to graduate in SAM|XL.


Qlayers joins SAM|XL Innovative start-up Qlayers B.V. is the latest Participant to join the SAM|XL community. Qlayers is disrupting the coating industry, especially when it comes to controlled coating of large structures such as aircraft, wind turbine blades and storage tanks. Several OEMs have shown great interest and their future looks promising. Jointly, Qlayers and SAM|XL are taking automated and robotized coating to the next level!


SAM|XL well-received at the JEC World 2019 Great show of force from the Dutch delegation at the JEC this year with
strong representation of our Ministry of Economic Affairs & Climate Policy , CompositesNL, InnovationQuarter and our
own SAM|XL Participants. The orange pavilion was a true eye catcher and welcomed many visitors on all three days, …and not just for the ‘stroopwafels’. I’ve been positively amazed with the ‘name’ that SAM|XL has already build up in its short existence. Our “R&Do” innovation and education community in partnership with industry, Delft University of Technology, and TNO is hitting the spot. Great timing to grow our community: the renovation of our building is completed and we are moving offices next week. Back in Paris next year!


SAM|XL welcomes Dawn Aerospace, a fast growing start-up focusing on ‘Gas-and-Go’ reusable launchers for small satellites, has taken up office in the SAM|XL building at the TU Delft Campus. We welcome this technology start-up, we wish them a pleasant stay and we look forward to a fruitful collaboration.


HAVO-Technasium class visits SAM|XL SAM|XL would like to thank the talented 2nd year pupils of the Christelijk Lyceum Delft for visiting our Fieldlab at the Delft University of Technology Campus. We hope that we have managed to inspire you and that you have learned some valuable lessons for your robotics project. We look forward to seeing you again.



Braving the cold, we’re looking back at a great ‘betonborrel’ (‘concrete drinks’) to celebrate our new 2000m2 building at the Rotterdamseweg, right opposite the faculty of TU Delft | Aerospace Engineering. SAM|XL continues to go full steam ahead to be operational later this year. A big thank you to our partners for their contributions! Quincy Martina fromTNO, Harald Bersee from Suzlon Group, Pim Tamis from GKN Aerospace, Maarten Labordus from KVE Composites Group, Sarah De Smet from Airborne, Henk Cruijssen from Airbus, Jochem Frudiger from GTM Advanced Structures, Delft University of Technology and TUDelftCampus


Publication: “Everything here is XL

Why the time is right for a Smart Advanced Manufacturing centre XL? SAM|XL CEO Kjelt van Rijswijk and Business Developer Jos van den Boom explain the need for a place where manufacturers can team up with scientists and other partners to develop intelligent production systems for large composite structures.


SAM|XL has received the key to our new 2000 m² facilities at TUDelftCampus in (robot) style! In 2019, SAM|XL will move to its new venue at the Rotterdamseweg, right opposite the Delft University of Technology Faculty of Aerospace Engineering. Refurbishments are already in full progress and we’re looking forward to the installation of the robotic cells and to being fully operational in the near future.


ROS Industrial Workshop (13 Nov 2018): presented by Subject Matter Experts from TU Delft and Fraunhofer; 15 attendees; positive feedback with respect to technical content and relevance.


ABB IRB4600 Robot starts operation. SAM|XL uses this small robot cell to mount various sensors, and to develop applications for these sensors. High accuracy, long reach, low payload industrial robot with external motion control are its main attributes.


29 June 2018: Fanuc R2000iC210L industrial robot arrived at Delft facilities – read more


A check of 4.2 mln euros was handed over to the project partners of the CADC during the InnovationQuarter annual event – read more (in Dutch)


SAM|XL signed lease contract – From December 2018 SAM|XL will move into the building at Rotterdamseweg 382c – read more


SAM|XL and FANUC are piloting the latest FANUC R2000iC210L industrial robot for manufacture of lightweight composite structures – read more


SAM|XL/CADC Project receives Clean Sky 2 Synergy Certificate – read more