The SAM|XL Community

The core of the SAM|XL community is formed by the PARTICIPANTS and TECHNOLOGY PARTNERS, who are actively involved in SAM|XL projects and activities. Whereas Participants can be labelled as ‘users of smart manufacturing infrastructure’, Technology Partners are typically ‘suppliers of smart manufacturing infrastructure’.

This participation model forms a robust balance between the collective infrastructure wishlist & required expertise (=SAM|XL expenses) and actual usage of this equipment and expertise (=SAM|XL income), which supports financially sound and sustainable operation of SAM|XL at the benefit of the entire Community. The ‘Give & Get’ principle that is employed results in sharing of not only infrastructure and knowledge, but also the overall cost, which enables SAM|XL to act as an innovation accelerator.

Not unimportant is the combined knowledge related to market trends, technology and subsidy mechanism in order to package commercially and technologically sound ideas into programs supported by a strong consortium of Participants and Technology Partners.


Participants can advise on the strategic direction of SAM|XL and on new infrastructure investments via the Participants Council. In addition, the Participants Council nominates one representative to become a SAM|XL Board member for a 2-year period.

Participants can initiate or join collaborative innovative research projects. For a Project participants can rent SAM|XL infrastructure and expertise from their userfee bundle. The annually prepaid userfee bundle forms the commitment between Participants and the SAM|XL organisation. SAM|XL offers three different bundle sizes: larger bundles offer a higher discount on the use of infrastructure and more votes in the Participants Council. In accordance to the size of their bundle, Participants are classified as Gold, Silver or Bronze Participants.

The SAM|XL business model is primarily based on income from pay-per-use userfees and not on owning and licensing IP. Whereas Participants are encouraged to generate their own IP, SAM|XL makes its own IP available to its Participants on a royalty-free non-exclusive basis.

Technology Partners

Technology Partners are suppliers of catalogue hardware, software and/or services, who collaborate with SAM|XL in Infrastructure Projects, (i) by making hardware, software and/or services available free of charge (or significantly discounted), (ii) by providing special access to its hardware and/or software to make improvements/modifications, and/or (iii) by providing in-kind expertise hours to make these improvements/modifications.

Technology Partners support the development and continuous innovation of the SAM|XL infrastructure itself, whilst reducing the pay-per-use rental fees for Participants. By doing so, the infrastructure becomes more accessible for Students and Startups, whilst the development of a skilled usergroup increases future sales in the subsequent commercialisation phase.

Forming an integral part of the SAM|XL Community, Technology Partners have a front row seat with regards to understanding the advanced manufacturing sector for lightweight structures and all the relevant networks. For this purpose, Technology Partners can attend Participant Council meetings (without voting rights).