The SAM|XL Facility

SAM|XL is located adjacent to the Faculty of Aerospace Engineering at the TU Delft Campus and in close proximity to the Delft Robotics Institute. We can be easily reached by car via the Rotterdam-The Hague A13 highway: 15 minutes away from Rotterdam-The Hague Airport and 45 minutes from Schiphol Airport. Easily accessible by car, bicycle and public transport (and even by boat if you like), make SAM|XL the ideal meeting and networking place with sufficient parking and a restaurant nearby.

Our Facility comprises 2000 mfactory space that is divided in an ‘open’ area for technology showcases and a ‘closed’ area for conducting projects that are of a more confidential nature.  Electronic access forms an integral part of our Health & Safety measures and protects the privacy of our Participants. To offer our Participants a home away from home, we offer ad hocflex-desks as well as onsite offices and industrial floor space that can be rented for longer periods. SAM|XL brings you at the centre of the vibrant Delft startup community and the talented student body of Delft University of Technology, The Hague University of Applied Sciences and InHolland.

SAM|XL forms an integral part of the TU Delft Campus Health, Safety, Security and Emergency Response procedures to assure a safe and sound working environment for our staff and our Participants. A direct link to the TU Delft data-center offers global connectivity, cybersecurity, and professional arrangements for data protection, back-up and retrieval. Our facilities are heated to provide a comfortable working environment to ‘manufacture from behind a PC’.

In our facility, manufacturing companies can built up automated manufacturing solutions from scratch supported by Team SAM|XL, or use the available robots and machines to proof automation concepts. To demonstrate their capabilities, technology suppliers built up the in-house infrastructure together with Team SAM|XL to demonstrate never-seen-before applications and to take their capabilities to the next level. Finally, academia of many disciplines can use the infrastructure to develop an demonstrate cutting edge innovation at industrial scale equipment. The mechanical, chemical and optical test facilities across the road can be accessed to validate the results of the various projects. The possibility for engineering, robotica and computer sciences students to participate in these projects highlights that education forms an integral part of the SAM|XL DNA, which explains the onsite lecture and events room, as well as the workstation cluster for software training and trialling.

We received the key to our facility on 1 December 2018, which was celebrated by our Community during our ‘betonborrel’ event on 24 January 2019.

We look forward to welcoming you at SAM|XL!