CADC (EFRO Program)

CADC – Composite Automation Development Centre

‘A programme to build, use and grow a Fieldlab for smart composite manufacturing technologies’

The region Zuid Holland has an impressive track-record with regards to research and production of lightweight structures for aerospace, maritime an civil engineering applications. Manufacturing automation has been identified as a way to further enhance the competitiveness of the region through increased production output and quality, to reduce cost and to stimulate further innovation.

The Composite Automation Development Centre (CADC) program is a collaborative effort between the private sector and knowledge institutes to enhance the knowledge on manufacturing automation and to build a shared infrastructure for execution of automation projects.

To make the infrastructure accessible to a wider user group and to continue to operate and expand the infrastructure after completion of the CADC program, SAM|XL was established. The CADC program is therefore the development program, or catalyst, of SAM|XL.

The CADC Project application (2017) was coordinated by Innovation Quarter (IQ). The Project has been granted by EFRO ‘Kansen voor West’. The CADC Project is co-funded by the Provincie Zuid Holland (PZH) and Gemeente Den Haag (The Hague). On 11 June 2018 a check of 4.2 mln euros was handed over to the project partners of the CADC during the InnovationQuarter annual event.

The CADC consortium comprises TU Delft, Fokker-GKN, Airborne, Airbus Defence & Space Netherlands, Suzlon, TNO, GTM Advanced Materials and KVE.