AWE|SAM Benefits Program

Aim of the program: Support Participants through savings on hardware, software and services; promote loyalty to SAM|XL; and trigger interactions between Participants and suppliers.

1. For Participants:

  • Participants receive discounts, freebies and/or top-ups on hardware, software and services in order to reduce the financial burden of automation, robotisation and digitisation efforts.

2. For Suppliers:

  • By offering exclusive deals to SAM|XL Participants, suppliers become AWE|SAM Partners;
  • AWE|SAM Partners are entitled to mention to third parties that they are supporting SAM|XL through the AWE|SAM benefits program;
  • AWE|SAM Partners receive a monthly list with all formally registered SAM|XL Participants;
  • AWE|SAM Partners receive infomails and get access to events;
  • SAM|XL places the company logos of AWE|SAM Partners on the SAM|XL website ( together with a hyperlink, a description of the benefit and how to make use of the benefit;
  • SAM|XL does not act as a middle man between Participants and AWE|SAM Partners;
  • AWE|SAM Partners sign a short contract with SAM|XL detailing the benefits they wish to offer, relevant Terms & Conditions, how to order the benefit and a brief description of the benefit for the SAM|XL website;
  • AWE|SAM Partners can withdraw or modify a benefit via written notice to the SAM|XL secretary at any given time ( Changes come in effect on the 1st day of the following month.