SAM|XL (Smart Advanced Manufacturing XL) is a collaborative research centre where technology is being developed, demonstrated, and de-risked for automated manufacture of large-size lightweight composite parts for aircraft, wind turbine blades, spacecraft and maritime applications. The collaborative research centre is setup as a non-profit foundation under the auspices of the TU Delft and brings together the knowledge base of TU Delft Aerospace Engineering, TU Delft Robotics Institute, TNO Industry, and the Industry partners that span the cross-sectoral composite supply chains.

Pilot Facility
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SAM|XL is establishing and expanding industrial-scale automation equipment that is accessible to its partners for research, demonstration and de-risking of technology prior to upscaling. In addition, through relevant projects the centre generates opportunities to students from the nearby universities and universities of applied sciences to kick start their career in smart manufacturing and become the workforce that carries our Future Factories.

The establishment of SAM|XL is an outcome of the Composite Automation Development Program (CADC), which is funded via the European Fund for Regional Development (EFRD): “Composite Automation Development Centre – A programme to build, use and grow a Fieldlab for smart composite manufacturing technologies”. The CADC consortium comprises TU Delft, Fokker-GKN, Airborne, Airbus Defence & Space Netherlands, Suzlon, TNO, GTM Advanced Materials and KVE.