Synergy Certificate

On Friday 6 April 2018, CADC (Composite Automation Development Center) project received a so-called ‘Synergy Certificate’ from the Clean Sky 2 Joint Undertaking. This gives substance to the MOU that was signed in 2016 between the province of South Holland and Clean Sky 2 Joint Undertaking. Ron van Manen, Programme Manager of the innovation programme CleanSky 2: “Synergy Certificates are awarded to those projects that receive subsidy from CleanSky 2 or EFRO which we expect will in turn also lead to new innovation. It is clear that CADC will create synergies with existing and possibly new projects within the framework of the CleanSky2 programme. “

With financial support from EFRO and the province for the CADC project, SAM | XL can be set up, a research centre for the smart production of large, lightweight composite parts. For Kjelt van Rijkwijk of SAM | XL, the certificate is confirmation that the research centre can play a role in innovation in many areas. Van Rijswijk: “At SAM | XL, which stands for Smart Advanced Manufacturing XL, knowledge institutions and companies work together on the technology required for the automatic production of large (lightweight) composite parts that can be used in aircraft, wind turbine blades, spacecraft and ships. The innovations that arise on the SAM | XL work floor can eventually end up in many different areas and sectors. ”

SAM | XL brings knowledge about composites from the Faculty of Aerospace Engineering and Automation from the TU Delft Robotics Institute, TNO Industry and multiple industry partners together. The doors of SAM | XL will open in March 2019. The location in Delft then contains all possible equipment with which the partners can do research, build prototypes and test their technology, so that they can then take the step towards upscaling. Until that time, SAM | XL operates from the Faculty of Aerospace Engineering. Van Rijswijk: “In addition, we actively involve students from universities and schools for higher education in the region in our projects. With this we contribute to the training of good engineers who will build our Future Factories on a large scale.”

CADC and thus also SAM | XL is an initiative of the Faculty of Aerospace Engineering and the Robotics Institute of TU Delft. Partners within CADC are Fokker GKN, Airborne, Airbus DS, KVE, GTM, Suzlon and TNO Industry. The initiative is part of the Regional Aerospace Agenda Zuid-Holland.

About the Clean Sky 2 Joint Undertaking.

Clean Sky Joint Undertaking is the executive organisation of the European Commission for the implementation of the Clean Sky programme (a programme under Horizon 2020). Clean Sky 2 is the joint technology initiative and is a public-private partnership between the European Commission and the European aviation industry. The programme runs from 2014 to 2020. The aim is to reduce emissions of CO₂, NOₓ and noise by 20-30% compared to the current generation of aircraft through innovations in aircraft construction.